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Conveyorised Drying Oven for Dacro Coating Plant

Conveyorised Drying Oven for Dacro Coating Plant

For curing of fasteners and other parts after coating with Dacromet® or similar paints by dip-spin or by spray method

Conveyorised Curing Oven:
. Output : 100-120 Kgs/hr and 250 – 300 kgs / hr
. Max. Temperature : 350° C
. Comprising of Preheating, Curing, and Cooling Zones
. Endless mesh belt S.S 304 conveyor with motorized drive
unit and A.C inverter to vary the conveyor speed
The above equipments will be supplied with suitable control panels for pre-wash unit and curing oven.
The scope of supply of DIP-SPIN type Dacro Coating Equipment:

Auto feeder

Cleaning Process:

a) Cleaning process involves alkaline degreasing followed by hot water washing and hot air drying.
b) Mechanical cleaning – shot blasting where fine shots are sprayed with suitable velocity against the component surface to be cleaned inside a Shot Blasting Machine to make the surface thoroughly clean and ready to receive the chemical reaction.

Coating Process is carried out by a spin unit which contains a loader unit which is designed to carry defined weight to a spin basket which is then transferred over the dacro chemical bath and the spin basket is dipped in to the chemical bath. After dipping, the excess chemical is removed by spinning and then the components are unloaded for further curing operation.

Dacro Coating Equipment :
Type of loading : By Electromechanically operated Bucket
Bucket elevator capacity : @ 30 Kgs.
Spin Basket size : 450 mm dia x 400 mm Height.
M O C of spin basket. : S.S 304
Mechanism of rotation of spin : By crank mechanism operated by
basket in clockwise and 3 HP motor with fluid coupling and
anti-clockwise direction. Gear box.
Horizontal movement of spin : By screw rod and go-getter arrangement –
Basket Electromechanical operation
Unloading mechanism of : By screw rod with electromechanical
Spin basket. Operation.
Main tank capacity : 65 litres.
Auxiliary tank capacity : 15 litres.
Material of construction of : S.S 304
Main tank and Auxiliary tank.
Temperature of dacro chemical : Around 15 °C controlled through
Tank Chiller unit.
Chemical agitation : By circulation pump.
Main tank up and down : Electrohydraulically operated scissor
Movement for immersion of Spin basket: platform.
Industries Served:
• Automotive – From fasteners to brake disc rotors to fuel filler tubes, almost every automotive company has DACROMET® specified on a variety of their parts.
• Construction – Construction projects worldwide, from high-tension bolts used in skyscrapers to house screws used at home, DACROMET® is specified for superior performance.
• Railroad – Hose couplings and rail clips for various railway companies are coated in order to guard against repair and break-down.
• Appliance – Washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and vending machines need springs, fasteners and brackets to be protected from corrosion due to the diverse usage and placement.
• Military – Due to intensely corrosive environments, the various militaries use DACROMET® to prevent rust on vehicles to ships. The use of DACROMET® with the LUS® sealers provides a Cadmium replacement

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