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We “Precision Controls” (under the brand name “PRECONS”) provides end to end customized solutions including design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of industrial furnaces,oven,kilns and various special equipment.

Company Profile
Company profile
PRECONS is an accredited brand name in India since 1971 as design and manufacturer of Heat Treatment Furnaces for strategic core sectors, special chemical plants and thermal equipments for nuclear and atomic sectors, dedicated equipments and special thermal plants for composite materials, satellite components testing vacuum chambers, specialized equipments for aerospace industries, etc.
PRECONS Industrial Furnaces and Ovens are “Custom Built” to meet the modern day, specialised requirements of Industry, by combining the well proven designs and modern techniques, at the forefront of the latest technologies, with modern Furnace designs and solutions to meet the Specifications and Standards of the Aircraft, Automotive, Nuclear and Engineering Industries.
PRECONS understand the customer’s requirements very clearly from all angles and supply the equipments to the respective sites, erect, commission and demonstrate the equipments to their full satisfaction and also train their personnel for effective utilization of the systems.
PRECONS has received special quality award appreciation mementos from Department of Space, Atomic Energy, etc and has gained excellent reputation in the industrial heat treatment field.
PRECONS provides a host of after sales services to help the equipment customers have running smoothly, more efficiently, and with better product quality. Whether it’s spare parts or a complete furnace upgrade or retrofit, we have the resources to provide you with top-notch services such as
  • - Upgrading or replacing your current control system.
  • - Adding or changing your equipment design.
  • - scheduled maintenance.
  • - furnace inspections & equipment evaluations.

Strengths of PRECONS :
The technological strength is based on engineering design and technical experience gained in the past and with special emphasis to its experienced and dedicated technical staff.
PRECONS furnaces are performing commendably in diverse sectors such as auto/auto ancillaries, heavy & medium engineering, aerospace, nuclear, metal industries such as steel / aluminium, electrical/electronics, etc.
Equally impressive is our range of applications that include atmospheric / non-atmospheric and continuous / batch types. PRECONS can proudly claim to be the pioneer and market leader in the bell annealing furnace design of domestic origin and has to its credit more than 150 installations with about 250 bases in India and abroad. PRECONS has developed 30T bell annealing furnace, the largest ever attempted by an Indian manufacturer.
Commitment to Customer:
  • Precons has supplied more than 5100 furnaces/equipment during the last four decades & all of them were successfully handed over to the customers(not even one customer left). Our commitment to customer s’ satisfaction can be easily seen from the repeat orders list.
Financial Discipline:
  • Precons & its group of companies has never experienced cash loss balance sheet in their operation for last 4 decades.
Proper Financial management.:
  • By proper financial management , Mr Shankar the owner & founder has successfully commissioned 39 wind mills (having a capacity of 11.55 Mega Watt) starting from 1995 to 31st March 2016 in Mirra & Mirra Industries and Opulent group companies in gradual face.
  • Now Opulent group is adding another 16 wind mills (having a capacity of 3.6 MW) in 2016-2017.
  • Thus 55 wind mills having a capacity of 15.15 MW will contributing to green energy production to our country.


Users of PRECONS furnaces /special equipment should be globally spread.

PRECONS customers should enjoy trouble free, cost effective, quality oriented output.

PRECONS brand name for industrial furnaces should be internationally reckoned with.


Sustained efforts to supply quality furnaces to the full satisfaction of customers.

Repeated technological up-gradation will be done on a routine basis.

Customer interaction & feedback will be taken as valid inputs for technological up-gradation in our furnaces.


User friendly, cost effective with latest technical up-gradation at affordable cost to produce quality output from our furnaces to the fullest satisfaction of our customers.

Company History

Mr. Shankar Srinivasan, a mechanical engineer from Regional Engineering College, Warangal {now National Institute of Technology (NIT)} & postgraduate (M.Tech) from IIT -Madras, after gaining a few years of industrial experience, has established “Precision Controls” (brand name “PRECONS”) a family owned partnership firm for manufacture of small industrial furnaces & industrial ovens at SIDCO Industrial Estate,Ambattur, Chennai-600 098 in 1973 (43 years ago). From there on a steady growth has been witnessed.

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